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AQ Gyouza - Utsunomiya, JAPAN

hand-made Jumbo Gyouza Eikyu Shokuhin is a family business that has been making gyouza for over 40 years in Utsunomiya, the gyouza capital of Japan. Eikyu's gyouza are sold in every corner of Japan.

Eikyu produces more than a dozen varieties of gyouza in our three Utsunomiya factories. Our flagship brand is hand-made Jumbo Gyouza which weigh in at 50 grams, more than double the size of regular gyouza.

Eikyu is the largest wholesale gyouza maker in Utsunomiya.

To produce our gyouza, Eikyu uses fresh meat and vegetables sourced daily, including such famous regional products as Aomori-ken garlic, Tochigi-ken leeks and Kouchi-ken ginger. Only the freshest and highest quality ingredients make it into our gyouza, ensuring that Eikyu's famous taste is never compromised.

Some Products of AQ Gyouza

Since 1965, the history of AQ

Eikyu was founded in 1965 by the husband and wife team of Hisashi and Ayako Kuwano。 For many years they rose at 3 am after a few hours sleep and started preparing the ingredients by hand. They then rolled the dough and made each dumpling by hand, later in the day boxing and delivering all the gyouza themselves. They were a mighty two-person gyouza making juggernaut.

Eventually, they started to add staff as demand grew, and now there are over 40 dedicated Eikyu people involved in the gyouza-making operations.

Though the latest automation has been adopted to produce our regular size gyouza, the Jumbo Gyouza are still made by hand in the same manner Hisashi and Ayako made them in 1965. The founders are still involved in the management of Eikyu, though the day to day operations have been passed to the next generation, their son-in-law and daughter, Albert and Yukie Kuwano.

Message from the President

Albert Kuwano: The goal of Eikyu Shokuhin is to keep the legacy and hard work of Hisashi and Ayako alive by making tasty, honest gyouza fresh everyday.

We have fun making our gyouza, and fun eating them, too. In fact, it is the most enjoyable daily task we perform! Maybe the daily gyouza taste test is the reason we are all so genki! We hope our gyouza continue to be a tasty and fun part of your genki lives as well. Happy gyouza eating to all!

Company Profile

Corporate name AQ Foods Ltd. ≫ Japanese Site
Business Wholesale Gyouza maker in Utsunomiya.
President Albert Kuwano Bakonyvari
Address 1195-24 Todoroku, Niko, Tochighi 321-2404, JAPAN
Contact TEL +81-288-25-6008
FAX +81-288-25-6009
Cell phone +81-90-4812-9830